Rubber Fuel Lines Pump to Steel Lines & FPR to Return Line

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Replacement Rubber Fuel Lines

1) The two shorter lines pictured run to and from the fuel pump, to the underbody steel fuel line

2) The longer line runs from the fuel pressure regulator to return steel line at the base of the bulkhead

3)  6 x snap clips

Manufactured from Gates barricode hose 

E-85 compliant

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    205 GTI CNC Bent Steel Fuel Lines

    Due to their location the steel fuel lines on the 205 Gti are prone to rust.

    Using original OE under body fuel lines we have re-manufactured them using a CNC tube bender. Using CNC technology ensures their complicated shape is repeatably replicated accurately.

    These lines are a direct fitment onto the standard clips, neatly routing the fuel lines as Peugeot intended. They are sold as pairs. 1x Feed and 1x Return. The feed line has the correct union at the bulkhead end to match either the OE Peugeot rubber fuel-filter hose or our remanufactured rubber hoses.


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  • 205 / 309

    205 GTI Rubber Fuel Lines

    Our Rubber fuel lines are remanufactured so they are a direct replacement for standard hoses.

    They are sold as a pair:

    • The short hose runs from the steel fuel line to the bottom of the fuel filter
    • The longer hose runs from the top of the fuel filter to the fuel rail

    Both hoses come with new banjo bolts and crush washers.

    Please note: We have changed the rubber spec to Gates SAE 30R14 T2  since June 2020.   Using this rubber spec our rubber fuel lines are now compatible with E10 grade fuel.  However, we would still advise customers to use E5 Super unleaded as there are other parts in the fuel system that may not be compatible with E10 unleaded.

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  • 205 / 309

    205 GTI Fuel Line + P.A.S. Pipe Clips

    Original Peugeot Clips. We have bought a large batch from Peugeot as they often need replacing when fitting our new fuel lines or P.A.S cooling loop pipe.

    They are sold individually – please enter the desired quantity when ordering.

    • 6x clips are needed to replace all the fuel lines under the car
    • 4x Clips are needed to replace the P.A.S cooling loop (1.9 GTI models only)

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