205 Bronze L-linkage Pivot Bush Kit GTI

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The original linkage setup consists of two plastic bushes and a spring washer, even when new this setup had a lot of unwanted play in it. The linkage will now more than likely be considerably worn, causing the linkage system to feel “sloppy”. There are other kits available which replace the plastic bushes with bronze equivalents but the spring washer design is still utilized, along with the original large shanked bolt.

Only by changing the design of the pivot system (by using this kit) can the sloop be reduced entirely.

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By using a precision ground centre sleeve matched to the I.D. of bronze bush the play within the linkage is eliminated.

This kit comprises of:

  • x2 Precision CNC turned Phosphor bronze bushes
  • x1 Centreless Ground Stainless Steel centre Sleeve
  • x1 10mm Stainless steel bolt
  • x2 Heavy duty washers

Ideally to be used with our 205 Gearchange Rods (3-rod kit) and 205 Bronze Gearstick Pivot Bushes.

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