205 8v Rubber Oil Breather Hoses Kit

Code: RH205-3-2

These hoses replace the original worn rubber set, ensuring the highest oil breather system reliability possible.

The kit comprises of following 5 hoses:

  • Main Filler Hose
  • Cam Cover To Block
  • Filler Tower To Block
  • Filler Cap to Induction Hose
  • Filler Cap to Throttle Body

This kit is suitable for all 205/309 1.6/1.9 GTI’s.

Hose No.1 is over £70 from Peugeot alone. Some of the others are no longer available from Peugeot.

All hoses can be sold separate. Please take a look at our individual hose selector.

£117.70 + VAT

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Weight 1.50 kg

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    205 GTI Rubber Fuel Lines

    Our Rubber fuel lines are remanufactured so they are a direct replacement for standard hoses.

    They are sold as a pair:

    • The short hose runs from the steel fuel line to the bottom of the fuel filter
    • The longer hose runs from the top of the fuel filter to the fuel rail

    Both hoses come with new banjo bolts and crush washers.

    Please note: We have changed the rubber spec to Gates SAE 30R14 T2  since June 2020.   Using this rubber spec our rubber fuel lines are now compatible with E10 grade fuel.  However, we would still advise customers to use E5 Super unleaded as there are other parts in the fuel system that may not be compatible with E10 unleaded.

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  • 205 / 309

    205 GTI 8v Silicone Coolant Hoses Kit

    The option to substitute the standard style top hose for a heat exchanger style top hose is available as drop down at purchase.

    Picture shows Heat Exchanger top hose:

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  • Aluminium Products

    205 GTI Thermostat Cap (86-91)

    3D CNC machined from billet aluminium.

    Originals caps have corroded badly over time. Deep pitting leads to leaks and with 2nd hand units now becoming hard to source we decided to design and make a replacement.

    Direct replacement for the original part.

    Fitment 85-91 (All aluminium caps) Not suitable for the plastic style.


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  • 205 / 309

    205 GTI Rubber Induction Hoses Set

    Fitment: Model 205 Gti 1.6 & 1.9.  All Years

    Split induction hoses are starting to become an issue on the 205 Gti.

    Original 30+ year old rubber hoses are cracking and causing air leaks within the induction system.

    We have re-manufactured all 3 of the induction hoses. Using the latest 3-D scanning technologies we have produced a hose that will not look out of place in any concourse build!

    All hoses are a direct replacement for the originals and can be supplied with new clips..


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