205 Gti Steel Crank Pulley (OEM Style)

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These are our new 205 Gti Steel Crank pulley’s.

Fitment: Will fit all 1.6 and 1.9 Gti models.


The original items are cast and suffer with damaged to the belt grooves when they are removed from the crank. This can cause damge to the alternator belt and more worringly will unbalance the pulley itself.

We manufacture our pulleys in house, starting with a billet steel blank. The blank undergoes a number of turning process before the front face is 3-D machined so we could closely match the detail of the original cast item.

After keyway cutting has taken place the pulley is balanced then chemically blacked, ready for use.

Designed and manufactured in house.

OEM part no longer available

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    These lines are a direct fitment onto the standard clips, neatly routing the fuel lines as Peugeot intended. They are sold as pairs. 1x Feed and 1x Return. The feed line has the correct union at the bulkhead end to match either the OE Peugeot rubber fuel-filter hose or our remanufactured rubber hoses.


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