205 Gti Rear Bump stop cups in S/Steel

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CNC Machined replacement bump stop cups.

We machine these in house from stainless steel.

These are a direct replacement for the original steel items which tend to have a short service life due to their position (making them prone to rusting).

The price is for a pair of cups.

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    205 Grp.A Rear Beam Mount Kit



    Replaces standard rubber joints and mounts on all the mounting points of a rear beam.

    Fitting this kit means the rear beam is rigidly attached to the chassis. Giving a more predictable rear end under heavy cornering and more control during lift off over steer.

    Front flexible joints are replaced by acetal bushes (4 in the kit) while rear rubber “sandwich” mounts are replaced with “aircraft spec” quality aluminium blocks with offset studs (2 in the kit). This kit is an evolution and improved fit version of our original BBM-SA-R kit. Unlike standard items, our uprated items will not wear out!

    This modification is a real benefit to a track orientated 205/309. It will also benefit a road car with respect to handling characteristics but at an expense of a slight increase in road noise experienced in the cabin.

    Suitable for: Peugeot 205 GTI and 309 GTI.

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