306 Grp.A Rear Beam Mount Kit

Code: SMB206-2

Fitting this kit means the rear beam is rigidly attached to the chassis. Giving a more predictable rear end under heavy cornering and more control during lift off over steer.

This kit replaces standard rubber mounts on all the mounting points of a rear axle to chassis.

Front flexible joints are replaced with our unique solid mount design. These consist of accurately Laser cut steel plates, CNC machined high tensile studs (studs use same wide base design as the originals, ensuring the correct alignment of the axle). The assembly is the neatly TiG welded together before being chemically blacked to protect the part from weather (pic shows the part zinc plated not blacked).

The rear rubber “sandwich” mounts are replaced with “aircraft spec” quality aluminium blocks with offset studs.

This modification is a real benefit to a track/race/rally orientated 306. It will also benefit a road car with respect to the handling characteristics but at an expense of a slight increase in road noise experienced in the cabin.

Kit Includes: 2x Solid TiG welded Axle Mounts + 2x Solid Aluminium Mounts.

Suitable for: Peugeot 306 all models.

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