205 Gti Rear Quarter repair panel (For bumper mounting)

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Pre-fabricated repair panels for one of the common areas to rot on a 205 Gti.

Ready to weld in place.

These are handed and available in Left hand and Right hand pattern

Material: Mild steel.

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Weight 0.35 kg
Select: Left. Right or Pair

Left, Right, Pair

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    205 Gti Rear Valance Supports

    These offer support to the rear valance. Its very common for the originals to rust and break.

    Our replacements are a direct fit and manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel.

    Two per car required but can be ordered individually.

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    205 Gti Stainless Steel Tail Board Clips

    Originals are no longer available from Peugeot.

    When removing the tailboard it is often the case that the original clips have rusted away.

    Our replacement is made from 316 Stainless Steel.

    Kit of 4 per car – 3 to fix the tailgate and 1 on bulkhead cooling pipe bracket

    Price per single clip but available as a set too.

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    205 Gti Front Bumper Mounting Kit

    The various parts which make up the 205 Gti Front bumper mounting system are prone to rust. If you are removing the front bumper you will more than likely find a lot of the parts unusable on the rebuild. Most of which is not available from Peugeot anymore.

    We have re-manufactured the complete bumper mounting kit, most of which in stainless steel. So the bumper can be removed and re-fitted in the future without the risk of damaging the now hard to find plastic bumpers!

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