205 GTI Direct Replacement Oil Cooler

Code: AP205-8

Our new 205 GTI Oil Cooler is a direct replacement for the Oil Cooler found on non P.A.S. 1.9 205 GTI.

An aluminium core and aluminium end tanks makes for a greatly improved cooling efficiency.







Finish: Powder Coated Black


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    205 8v Silicone Supplementary Device (SAD) Hoses

    Direct replacement hoses for the “Supplementary Air Device” system found on all pre-CAT 205/309 GTI’s. These hoses are the same for RHD and LHD models. Both hoses are Fluro lined to prevent damage caused from any contact with oil.

    Contents: Two replacement hoses to run from the SAD valve to Inlet track.

    These hoses are suitable for all 205/309 1.6/1.9 GTI’s.

    Colour choice: Blue, Black or Red

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    205 GTI CNC Bent Steel Fuel Lines

    Due to their location the steel fuel lines on the 205 Gti are prone to rust.

    Using original OE under body fuel lines we have re-manufactured them using a CNC tube bender. Using CNC technology ensures their complicated shape is repeatably replicated accurately.

    These lines are a direct fitment onto the standard clips, neatly routing the fuel lines as Peugeot intended. They are sold as pairs. 1x Feed and 1x Return. The feed line has the correct union at the bulkhead end to match either the OE Peugeot rubber fuel-filter hose or our remanufactured rubber hoses.


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