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BakerBM is committed to manufacturing precision made automotive products for Road,Track and Rally prepaired Peugeot's and Citroen’s.

We have recently invested in our CAD/CAM design package.

CAD/CAM design facilities enable us to take a concept and visually create it using CAD. From the CAD design we can simulate the most efficient manufacturing method before even taking a cut on the prototype. Using CAM software we are able to generate and feed a programme to one of our CNC machines. Then the machining can start!

Our Machinery

Mikron CNC Vertical Machining Centre

21 Automatic tool changer. 10,000 RPM High Speed Spindle. Cable able of full 3-D Machining.
  Baker BM Machinery
Bridgeport CNC Interact 4

Tool room CNC Milling machine.
  Baker BM Machinery
Emi-Mec CNC 42 Lathe

8 Station Turret. Equipped with live tooling and a Four Meter Bar Feed.
  Baker BM Machinery
Cincinnati 2OM Centreless Grinding Machine

Can be used for “Through Grinding” (grinding bushes, sleeves etc) or “Plunge Grinding” (Stub Axles, etc...)
  Baker BM Machinery
Where ever possible we manufacture our products in batches, keeping our prices low.   Baker BM Machinery
But we are more than willing to produce “One-Offs”.
Here is a photo of an ECU housing box we made for a customer.
  Baker BM Machinery

A proportion of our work is subcontract machining. If you require a quote please contact us on the form below.

All our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, all testing is done prior to commercial sale.

Please note we now have a land line number for all sales / general enquiries.
You can reach us on 01922 276 606 as well as the mobile 07870 934 034.

If we are away from the office please leave a message and we will get back to you, alternatively you can still drop us an email.

For any questions and enquiries, please use these forms:

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For all technical enquiries and custom machining enquiries:

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You can also manually send us an email on: - for all sales related enquiries including stock availability and order enquires - for all technical enquiries and custom machining enquires


Jack Larner (Australia): "Ps. Your site is awesome! Services all (some) of the perishable needs of a tired GTI to return it to its former glory!!"

Products for 205/309

Engine Mountings & Bushes

Fast Road Engine Mounting Kit
GrpN Engine Mounting Kit
Engine Mount Shim Kit
GrpN Lower Engine Fork Bush
GrpA Lower Engine Fork Bush

Suspension Mountings & Bushes

GrpN Front Strut Rubbers
GrpN Rear Beam Mount Kit
GrpA Rear Beam Mount Kit
Adjustable Top Mounts

Rear Axle Components

Torsion Bar Adjuster Screw
Heavy Duty Stub Axle
Offset Washers
Torsion Bar End Stops

Silicone Hoses

205 GTI Coolant Hose Kit (84-94)
205 GTI Oil Breather Hose Kit
205 GTI Main Oil Filler Hose
205 GTI Supp. Air Device Hoses

205 Mi16 Coolant Hose Kit
205 Mi16 Oil Breather Hose Kit
205 Mi16 Short Induction Hose

205 GTi-6 Coolant Hose Kit
205 GTI-6 Oil Breather Hose Kit

205 2.0 Turbo Lower Exp. Tank Hose

205 Stainless Steel Inner Wing Pipe
309 GTI Heat Exc. Top Radiator Hose

Rubber Hoses

205 GTI RHD Coolant Hose Kit
205 GTI LHD Coolant Hose Kit
205 GTI Induction Hose

Fuel Lines & PAS Lines

205 GTI Rubber Fuel Lines
205 GTI CNC Bent Steel Fuel Lines
205 GTI PAS Cooling Loop
205 GTI Fuel Line & P.A.S. Line Clips

Gearchange Linkage Products

Adjustable Quickshift
Bronze L-linkage Pivot Bush Kit
Bronze Gearstick Pivot Bushes
Gearchange Rods (3-rod kit)

Vernier Cam Pulleys

8v Lightweight Vernier Cam Pulley

Lightweight Crank Pulleys

205 GTI Lightweight Crank Pulley
Mi16 1.9 Lightweight Crank Pulley

Aluminium Products

205 GTI Header Tank
205 GTI Thermostat Cap
205 GTI-6 Thermostat Adaptor
205 GTI 8v Cam Pulley Cover
Mi16 1.9 Thermostat Housing
CNC Machined Thermostat Housing
Direct Replacement Oil Cooler
Shortened Coolant Radiator


205 Front Bumper Mounting Kit
205 Front Bumper Slider Mounts
205 Front Bumper Slider Rubbers
205 Rear Bumper Mounting Kit
205 Rear Valance Supports
205 Driving Light Bolts
205 Rear Quarter Badge Repair Kit
205 Tail Board Clips
205 Interior Wing Mirror Repair Kit
205 Bonnet Hinge Spacers

Other Products

1.9 Mi16 Cam Cover Bolts
Air Oil Cooler Sandwich Fittings
Oil Filter-Block Fittings
205 Air Box Bracket
Spare Wheel Cage Bolt & Clamp

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