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106/Saxo S1 8v Silicone Coolant Top Radiator Hose    44.88 + VAT
(with heat-exchanger take-offs)

106/Saxo 8v Silicone Coolant Top Radiator Hose

Description: This hose is intended for the 106 S1 Rallye which is fitted with the heat exchanger.

BakerBM have developed their I.D. reducer which is an integral part of this type of hose. The I.D. reducer directs the flow of water around the Heat Exchanger and means the high efficiency of the Heat Exchanger is retained.

This hose is no longer available from Peugeot. We have made a short run of these hoses to test the market. Don't miss out on your chance to get a spare!

The hoses are made from 3ply Silicone (4mm wall thickness).

Colour choice: Blue, Black or Red

SH106-4  106/Saxo 8v Silicone Coolant Top Radiator Hose 
Price: 47.80 + VAT



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