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106/Saxo TU Uprated Lower Engine Bush    £28.24-£32.59 + VAT

Three grades available:

Fast Road Spec - “60 Shore Rubber”
Race/Rally Spec - “70 Shore Rubber”
Solid Aluminium lower bush

TU Uprated Lower Engine Bush - 60 Shore

TU Uprated Lower Engine Bush - 60 Shore

TU Solid Aluminium Lower Engine Bush

Use: Reduce Engine Movement

Suitable For: 106/Saxo, all TU models

Description: Designed specifically for the TU application.
  • Centerless Ground
  • Natural Rubber
  • Fully Stress relieved (Outer and inner)
  • Two grades of rubber available (70 & 60 Shore) and a solid alloy version
Advantages over standard bushing:
  • Significantly reduce engine movement under acceleration.
  • Improved gear change.
  • Reduced stress on exhaust system and drive train.
  • Makes the car more responsive in terms of acceleration

EMB106-10  TU Uprated Lower Engine Bush - 60 Shore 
Price: £28.24 + VAT

EMB106-11  TU Uprated Lower Engine Bush - 70 Shore 
Price: £28.24 + VAT

EMB106-9  TU Solid Aluminium Lower Engine Bush 
Price: £32.59 + VAT



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